was founded on the principle that everyone is deserving of decent housing choices at prices that they can afford.  The cost of rental housing and “for sale” housing in the Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay Regions of California are among the highest in America. These regions have some of the highest rent to wages ratios in America.  There is clearly a supply/demand imbalance, and we believe that this imbalance can be solved by the creation of new housing stock. Increasing the stock with multifamily rental and “for sale” housing is our focus and our mission.  Economists have calculated that an additional 2 million housing units would be required today, just to stabilize the housing market and meet the needs of California’s current residents.

We seek to increase the supply of multifamily housing in our Regions by engaging systems and technologies that can create comparatively rapid development at construction costs below the norm.  As a “for profit” developer and owner/operator, we seek to set our typical rental rates at or slightly below the currently inflated market prices.

A high priority component of each of our projects is that we typically allocate 15% of the units to meet individual and family needs defined as legally restricted “affordable housing”, while also making all the other units affordable by design.