Voice your support to make it easier for Faith Based Organizations to build new housing in California.

Currently, different cities require religious organizations to maintain different (and arbitrary) amounts of parking spaces in relation to their sanctuary buildings. In a certain jurisdiction the required number of parking spaces could be 1oo, while in another it could be 1o. With many religious entities owning parking lots next to their sanctuary space, AND a housing crisis that has swept California; many religious entities are considering building housing.


Naturally, they look to the often unused parking lot. Building new housing would increase their land value, cash flow and provide a necessary source of new housing for those in need across the State.


We are gathering support from citizen, religious leaders, religious members, housing advocates, and state legislators; so that religious entities can pursue housing development without having to build more parking. If you would like to read all of the specifics, here is a link to the proposed language of #AB1851


Our Visionary Leader AM Buffy Wicks Introduced the Bill on the First Day of 2020’s Legislative Session.

Co-Sponsors: California Yimby and New Way Homes

Today, you can voice your support for AB1851, by completing the following form:

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If you have any comments, questions, or would like to speak with the Assembly Member’s office, please call (916) 319-2015.