Before the cranes go up, significant work goes into the design and finance of new housing projects. Envision Housing can operate as a catalyst to bring a project from conversation to completion by minimizing several of the risks associated with housing development.

It Starts With Partnership

We work with partners ranging from churches to social services non-profits to employers, who are looking for reliable partners who can develop quality housing that meets specific affordability and environmental goals. These mission-aligned land partners are key to creating successful quality housing.

Our land partners are integral components of their neighborhood often established in the communities for generations. They’ve often had a vision for their community and are looking to make it a reality.

Using our development experience and training we dig into the design, financial goals, timelines, and objectives of each project and bring clarity to the overall plan and each process it takes to get there.

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Funding That’s Mission-aligned

We typically source all of the capital needed to create new housing and create a very low-risk structure for our partners. They do not have to invest significant sums of capital, nor risk the ownership of their land in order to build mission aligned housing. We can fund and complete the tasks involved with entitlement and arrange the capital to pay for all project expenses.

Without putting down any capital, they can help create affordable and workforce housing for their community, and generate positive, long-term cash flow as part-owners of the project.

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Building Modularly To Meet High Standards

Modular construction can be the most efficient, least costly, most expedient, and highest quality method of construction for multifamily buildings. Our team has significant knowledge and experience working with Modular Construction and can help determine if it is the right path for your project.

A 7 Story Apartment building in 11 days
High quality and efficiency of building modularly

Local Policy

In addition to building quality affordable and middle-income housing, Envision Housing supports improvements to state and local policy that can foster the appropriate incentives for the construction of such housing.

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